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Keep your home warm this winter when you schedule a heating repair or furnace tune-up in Lewisburg with CVC Mechanical.


Our Lewisburg-area AC services keep you cool on 90-degree days. From AC repair to replacement, we do it all.

Maintenance & Repair

Save money with a tune-up on your AC in Milton, or sign up for our maintenance plan for 24-hour emergency service.


Add fine-tuned comfort to rooms that are hard to heat or cool, older homes, or new additions that lack ductwork in Danville.


See what makes CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. your number one choice for Air Conditioner repair in Milton PA.

CVC Mechanical is the most trusted heating and AC company in Danville. Our HVAC technicians are highly skilled professionals who undergo continuous training and truly believe that customers come first.

They're equipped to handle a wide variety of home comfort issues including AC repair and installation. We find that many of our customers return to us because once they use us, they know that they've found a business they can trust. Our dedication to not only providing comfort but also consumer education allows us to perform at a level above much of our competition.

If you are ever unsatisfied with our AC services, we promise to do everything in our power to make it right. With this guarantee and our team of amazing HVAC experts, what do you have to lose? Call 570.568.4200 today to schedule service. To see what clients in your area had to say about our company, check out our reviews on Google.

CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has certified technicians to take care of your AC installation near Milton PA. See what makes CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. your number one choice for Air Conditioner repair in Danville PA. Trust our techs with your next Water Heater repair in Lewisburg PA Check out our Air Conditioning repair service in Milton PA Allow our techs to repair your AC in Lewisburg PA Get your Air Conditioner replacement done by CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. in Milton PA Call CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for great Air Conditioning repair service in Lewisburg PA Call CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for great Air Conditioning repair service in Milton PA Call CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for great Air Conditioning repair service in Milton PA Call CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for great Air Conditioning repair service in Milton PA

Your Residential HVAC Experts in Milton and Lewisburg

CVC Mechanical knows comfort isn't one-size-fits-all. Our Lewisburg-area heating and AC experts have options to accommodate every home and budget. Our HVAC service technicians are experts at troubleshooting, repairing, installing, and maintaining your home's AC and heating systems. They can help you save money on your energy bills. To schedule your AC repair or installation, give us a call at CVC Mechanical.


Commercial HVAC in Lewisburg

Looking for an HVAC partner for your store, restaurant, or other business? CVC Mechanical is the premier provider of commercial HVAC services in Lewisburg and Milton. Our company understands the bottom-line importance of keeping your employees and customers comfortable. Trust us to maintain your systems to deter downtime and to tackle any needed repairs quickly.



See What Your Neighbors Say

  • Pleased With the Entire Experience

    I recently contracted with CVC Mechanical Contractors to replace the aging HVAC system in a home we just purchased. We were pleased with the entire experience, specifically the initial home visit and evaluation of our old unit, the ordering process and help with selecting the new units that would be right for us, and all of the odds and ends of the initial phase of the project. Installation day came quickly and the two techs who came to our home to install the new units couldn't have been friendlier or more professional. They finished in a little under two working days and then both of them took time to explain the operation of our new units to my wife and me. I will not hesitate to use CVC again if the opportunity presents itself.

    - Jeff
  • A Responsive and Friendly HVAC Contractor in Lewisburg

    I have the annual service contract with CVC & twice a year they come out, inspect all the equip, change the filter & give me a written report. At other times of the year if I have an occasional issue, they come out promptly & address it. The office staff is also very professional, friendly & responsive. Overall in my dealings with them, CVC is a very professional, reliable & trustworthy company based on professional, reliable & trustworthy people.

    - L. Lewis
  • Fantastic AC Installation Experience

    CVC did a fantastic job installing the new Carrier heating/air conditioning unit. The job was scheduled for three days and it was finished in two. Everything from removing the old unit, installing the new on and clean up was handled on the most professional level. I can’t say enough great things about this company. Make sure to contact them with your heating/AC needs. You will not be disappointed.

    - Dan

We're Lewisburg's Go-To Ductless Air Conditioning Supplier

Some homes were built before ductwork was common. Others have rooms that are cut off from the main HVAC systems. When it comes to heating and cooling these areas, you have two choices: tear your home apart by installing new ductwork or installing a Ductless HVAC system.

Powered by devices called mini-splits (or, in some cases, heat pumps), the latter option saves you money, gives you finer control over your comfort, and helps limit dust buildup in your HVAC system. Reach out to us at 570.568.4200 today and schedule your Ductless system installation in Milton or Lewisburg.


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Everyone should have access to a new furnace and the comfort it provides. That’s why we offer special financing options through Synchrony Financial!


Do you like saving money? Sign up for 24-hour protection Emergency service available for HVAC maintenance agreement customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all your HVAC needs, you can’t do better than CVC Mechanical. That’s why we’ve become the most trusted HVAC company in Lewisburg. Give us a call at 570.568.4200 to discuss your HVAC needs.

How Much Does AC Service Cost?

According to various sources, the average cost of an AC repair ranges between $450 and $2000.The cost associated with servicing your air conditioning system in the Milton and Lewisburg areas can vary widely. This is because there are numerous factors driving that price:

  • Unit age
  • Unit location
  • Parts cost and availability
  • The complexity of the issue
  • The type of HVAC unit involved

To provide you with an accurate quote, an onsite visit is required. Contact us to schedule an appointment for Lewisburg AC service and get a guaranteed quote.

My Air Conditioning Bills are High. Is There Something I Can Do?

Aside from replacing your air conditioner with a more efficient one, you can try installing blackout curtains, replacing old insulation, and sealing windows. Installing a whole-house fan or ceiling fan can also help reduce sticker shock. If you live in the Danville area, we’re happy to provide a home performance evaluation.

Is a Heat Pump or Traditional System Right for Me?

The choice between a heat pump and a traditional HVAC system depends on a variety of factors. These include the size of your home, your budget, and the local climate. Heat pumps are efficient and provide both heating and cooling, making them ideal for moderate climates as they can struggle with extreme temperatures. Because they work all year long, heat pumps don't last as long as traditional systems with separate units for heating and cooling, which are better suited for areas with extreme temperatures. For a more concrete recommendation, give us a call at 570.568.4200. Our local HVAC specialists are happy to assess your needs.