What is a Trust Certified Expert

Your safety and comfort are important to us.

That’s why we ensure that all of our employees are TRUST CERTIFIED EXPERTS.

what is a trust certified expert

All employees will:

Be drug and alcohol tested.

Be criminal background checked.

Be child sex offender checked.

Be DMV checked.

Be credit checked.

Be customer service trained.

Be technically trained.

Be First-Aid trained.

Be bonded and insured.

Refrain from using tobacco and foul

language while working on your property.

We Will Care For Your Home and Will:

Use drop cloths and carpet protectors to protect your floors

Use latex gloves and plastic coverings to prevent dirt and smudges

Wear shoe covers when entering or working in your home.

. what is a trust certified expert

what is a trust certified expert

TRUST CERTIFIED EMPLOYEES are also authorized to collect and handle payment from the customer for CVC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Contractors and are expected to collect upon completion