Reduce Business Energy Cost

UGI Save Smart Rebate Program For Your Business

To UGI, it is helping our customers save energy and money by providing rebates and programs to reward investing in energy efficient systems. Let us help you play a part in being efficient. Participate in the UGI Save Smart Rebate program to save energy and money!

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PPL Business Energy Efficiency Rebates

PPL Electric Utilities’ Business Energy Efficiency Program helps to lower your annual energy costs, save money on high-efficiency upgrades, and more. Apply on their website or call CVC if your business needs our HVAC assistance!

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Available Federal, Local, and Utility Energy Efficiency Incentives

The systems you now use or choose to have installed may qualify for energy efficiency savings.

Check Eligibility < click link to see if your improvements are eligible for tax credits

How to Claim a Qualifying Tax Credit:

Instructions for Form 5695 (2021)

Submission Form 5695 (2021)

Click here to learn which other investments and home improvements may qualify for tax rebates.


Click here and then enter your zip code or scroll down and click on your state to learn about additional state, local and utility incentives and energy savings for which you may qualify.

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