Heating Systems

CVC Mechanical Contractors offers full service Heating System Installation & Repair for single-family homes and multi-family housing complexes.

Efficiency operating your heating system can ensure your family’s safety & health during the winter months

Heat Pumps are a common household central heating & cooling system that use a fan to propel conditioned air through ducts and distribute air throughout the home. Heat Pumps are powered by electricity to operate a compressor and refrigeration circuit. High Efficiency Heat Pumps now use environmentally friendly refrigerant, coupled with variable speed technology and controls to significantly improve efficiency and home comfort.

Furnaces are a common household central heating unit that typically uses a fan to distribute warm air through ducts to distribute “hot air” throughout the home. Typically, furnaces are powered by fossil fuel(s) achieving 90% + fuel efficiency. Some high-efficiency furnaces can increase energy savings by 25 to 35% and significantly improve the home comfort experience.

Boilers typically use fossil fuel (oil or gas) to heat water. The water can remain in a liquid state or be super-heated to 212 deg F and converted into steam. The hot water or steam is distributed throughout the house by pumps and piping, connected to radiators (typically installed on the perimeter of the home). Multiple thermostats, pumps or zone valves are used to control the water or steam flow to maintain temperature within a room or floor.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

At CVC the customer always comes first. We listen to your needs and objectives and apply our expertise to develop smart solutions. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and our long-term customer loyalty exemplifies that we meet that goal.

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